Strong Background To Grow Your Business

Since 1991, Barlow Strategic Sales & Marketing  (Formerly known as the Barlow Marketing Group or BMG) has offered this interconnectivity through our unique combination of services to many companies facing a wide range of sales-related strategic and tactical issues and opportunities throughout North America and globally.

Our Success Is Simple: We draw upon our widespread industry experience, hands-on execution assistance, and any combination of our 7 services that will drive successful, reality-based solutions. 

  1. Industry focus, experience and knowledge that we have gained by working thus far with over 80 small to large manufacturers and organizations focused solely on the Construction/Infrastructure, Mining/Aggregate & Environmental/Recycle markets.
  2. Experience well beyond our clients to former lives with manufacturers and owning industry-related companies and patents, participating in industry associations, events and trade shows throughout the world. We stay current on industry developments, trends and our clients’ ever-changing market conditions.
  3. We recommend and then share in the work with client teams so we can help them adapt throughout the execution phase. We are just as accountable for the results as they are.
  4. Over the years, clients have driven our growth to include a unique combination of 7 interconnected sales, marketing and research-related services. Sustainability was added in 2009 when we predicted the future impact on clients’ customers and their customers.